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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

My journey into children's books began at Central St Martin’s College in London where I specialised in illustration on the communication design degree. On graduating I began my career as an editorial illustrator, Illustrating various articles for magazines and newspapers .

In 2008 I was given the fantastic opportunity by Orchard Books to illustrate 'The Dirty Great Dinosaur' written by the great Martin Waddell.

I liked drawing dinosaurs so it was a wonderfully exciting commission to have, but also quite daunting. Illustrating picture books for children had always been my dream but it was something I had no experience in. Thanks to my lovely editors at Orchard and also my then small children, I learnt a huge amount on that first book.

After that I was lucky enough to illustrate further books with some of the best childrens authors. Michelle Robinson, Jeanne Willis and the much loved Whiffy Wilson series by Caryl Hart.

My first author illustrated picture book 'Sofa Dog' was published in 2017 with Alison Green Books.

'Sofa Dog' was inspired by my own lazy cocker spaniel, Lavender, and her love for 'Sofa time'.

'Sofa Dog' was followed by 'The Giggle Pigs'. A story about a group of piggy friends that go on 'a very serious and epic adventure' but just can't help getting the giggles.

'Super Duper Penguin Slide' is my third author/illustrated book. Published by Walker Books in 2121...Its about a family penguins, and a massive slide, and their quest to get to the top. It is also quite silly! So far all my books have been quite silly... Maybe one day I will write a serious book about snails or porridge (actually I'm not sure thats really going to work!)

I live with my husband, my two sons and Lavender in village near Cheltenham. Our house is extremely old and rumoured to be haunted. Sadly there have been no ghost sightings as of yet! I would love to see a ghost as long it wasn't one of those really annoying tickle ghosts !

If you would like to find out more about my work process, general doodles, scribblings and pictures of my dog, my favourite place to keep up to date is on Instagram.


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